Diesel Brothers S1B

In the world of diesel vehicles, no one has more fun or builds bigger, badder trucks than Heavy D, Diesel Dave and their crew at Dieselsellerz. Their mega builds are the stuff of diesel legend. Returning for a new season, they’re back at it, tricking out even more insane trucks than anyone else, working hard, and playing even harder in the process. 

The diehard ambassadors of diesel truck culture are known for turning everyday trucks into incredible custom rides, and their personal builds are no exception; a vintage fire truck that’ll be transformed into a tow truck that can carry everyone in the ‘office’ just scratches the surface. 

Some of the vehicles they’ll be tricking out include an unsalvageable truck which Heavy D decides to turn into the ultimate monster mud truck, an iconic Hummer H1 with a diesel engine, and a special project for legend Chuck Norris. 

Starting off their business by buying used or broken down trucks, Heavy D and Diesel Dave trick them out, fix ‘em and flip ‘em for a profit; their notoriety online has made Dieselsellerz the destination for diesel lovers looking for tricked out trucks. Diesel Brothers follows the team at Dieselsellerz as they dream and execute unbelievable builds, pull elaborate and hilarious pranks and push the limits with new stunts.

New episodes of Diesel Brothers are not currently airing in New Zealand.
For Australian air dates and details, please visit this page.