Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe

In Dirty Jobs Down Under, Mike Rowe wants to try his hand at the dirtiest jobs Australia has to offer.  Join Mike as he traverses the country meeting the men and women who perform these tasks daily. 

In Adelaide, Mike removes venomous brown snakes from people’s homes, then travels north to Darwin to learn more about the infamous cane toad population.  

Next on the agenda is a trip to Coober Pedy, home of Australia's opal mining industry. Mike joins the local miners in their hazardous and painstaking attempts to strike it rich. 

Then it's back to Australia northern coastline, where Mike journeys along hazardous dirt roads to learn how to live off the land like the locals. And finally, Mike join researchers on the Adelaide River and attempts to capture one of our country’s most fascinating creatures: the saltwater crocodile.



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