Dogs The Untold Story

Whether they’re wolves or pampered pooches, wild pups or domesticated companions, this is the definitive history of man’s best friend. Dogs: The Untold Story reveals how, through domestication, dogs have become one of the most influential animals in our own history and survival.

Viewers are invited into the lives of dogs across the world – both in the wild, and in modern-day homes with humans. Each of these dogs has an extraordinary story; from the dogs who lead tribal hunters to prey, the incredible life-savers who leap from helicopters into freezing seas, to the illusive maned wolf in Brazil and the highly social and spectacular African wild dog family.

Featuring the very latest scientific research, this remarkable series uncovers how individual dog breeds have evolved to perform highly specialised tasks. Be it down to their amazingly acute sense of smell, their keen eyesight or their strength and stamina, Dogs: The Untold Story explores every detail of the dog’s life, helping us to understand them better than ever before.