Ed Stafford Left for Dead

Explorer Ed Stafford is on a mission to tackle some of the planet’s most extreme environments to find out what it’s really like when you’re lost, alone, and desperately searching for a safe route back to civilisation. 

On the move without food, it takes just 10 days for the human body to start to shut down. So that’s how long Ed is giving himself to escape. Ed travels alone and on foot, so he must be tracked from afar by a safety team - but if he gets into serious trouble, there’s no guarantee they’ll reach him in time in such hostile landscapes. 

Using only natural navigation, Ed relies on his wits and survival skills to make split-second decisions as he travels without basic survival gear. He has no map, compass, knife, camping equipment, food, or water – just his camera kit to document each journey. 

Beginning amongst the tidal mangroves of Madagascar, an environment home to a unique range of wildlife found nowhere else on Earth, Ed’s journey also takes him to Bolivia’s Atacama Desert, Panama’s Darien Gap, the Asian forests of Laos, Mongolia’s Altai Mountains, and Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountains. This is as close to real survival as Ed can get. 

Ed Stafford: Left For Dead proves that survival is more than just a test of physical strength – it takes mental agility and unyielding determination to make it out alive.