Edge Of Alaska s2

Deep in the wilds of eastern Alaska is America’s last true frontier town, McCarthy. Edge of Alaska follows the people who are holding on to their isolated town, surrounded by extreme wilderness, as they struggle with new settlers compromising their way of life.

This season Neil Darish attempts to close a business deal that could put his tour at the Mother Lode mine back on track, but with his partner Don pushing to sell out all of their McCarthy ventures, putting Neil's future in the town into question. Jeremy Keller finds an abandoned antique bulldozer that could be the missing link to completing the build-out of his family's fully self-sufficient homestead. But to get it back home, he and a friend must risk their lives and drive the two-tonne dozer over the frozen Nizina River. Meanwhile, surviving the frontier is even more testing for new mother Jenny Rosenbaum, who runs into unforeseen trouble when she has to journey to a remote creek alone with her newborn son to retrieve water.