Edge Of Alaska s2

Hidden deep in the wilderness of eastern Alaska, accessible only by bush plane or a treacherous dirt road, lies McCarthy, population 42. One of America’s last frontier towns, and once considered the state’s very own “Sin City”, only those with true skills and determination can survive in this harsh, remote environment. 

While many came here to escape modern society and live independent and free, one resident has a vision to capitalise on McCarthy’s scenic landscape for what could be one of America’s greatest and most unique tourism opportunities. 

Having divided the town with his ambitious project to open the old Mother Lode mine to tourism and drag the refuge town into the modern age, Neil Darish’s impulsive decisions have now sent him over budget and behind schedule. 

Farmsteader Jeremy Keller, who came to McCarthy to raise his family off the grid, has always opposed Neil’s plans to profit and modernise. But now, with the threat of an outsider so dangerously close to taking over McCarthy, Jeremy and his family will face the greatest turning point of their lives. 

All the while, winter remains a constant threat to their way of life.