Everest Rescue

When disaster strikes at the top of the world, a rare breed of pilots put their lives on the line to save those facing certain death. Discovery Channel takes you to the frontline of one of the planet’s most beautiful and dangerous places, in the brand-new series Everest Rescue.

Every year, hundreds of climbers and accompanying Sherpas attempted to scale Everest. It’s dangerous, it’s difficult and it’s death-defying — for the lucky. With the margin of error between life and death so fine, the fate of even the most experienced climbers and Sherpas rests in the hands of the world’s most elite band of helicopter pilots. They risk everything to save the lives of those who have risked theirs attempting to reach world’s highest peak.

With the season starting to draw to a close, the group of experienced pilots is still attending to numerous calls for help. There is no shortage of emergencies: from the search for twenty stranded climbers whose camp has been blown away and a climber who’s fighting for his life in Everest’s Death Zone at an altitude out of the helicopter’s reach; to a young Nepalese woman from a remote village who is hemorrhaging after giving birth, and a rescue mission hindered by treacherous weather that sees one of the pilots stuck on the mountain - his own safety at risk. This is not only one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet, but the emotional toll it takes on the personal lives of the pilots is unparalleled.

Everest Rescue transports audiences to one of the world’s most beautiful and most dangerous places. Everest’s elite multinational search and rescue helicopter teams take on the daily responsibility of saving those who are injured on the most dangerous mountain range in the world. This series will provide some of the most exclusive, privileged and in-depth access ever to the fearless pilots and medical units who respond to an overwhelming amount of emergencies atop this dangerous mountain.