Fast N' Loud S3

All New Season*
Mondays at 8:30pm

Richard Rawlings, the mastermind behind Gas Monkey Garage, and Aaron Kaufman, the mechanical prodigy who brings classic cars back to life, travel the back roads of Texas and its surrounding states, scouring barns, backyards, swap meets and open fields in search of rare rides in Fast N’ Loud - airing for the first time on Discovery Channel in New Zealand. 

As far back as the 1950s, America has been a virtual graveyard of classic cars. Across the country, vintage vehicles can be found rusting in overgrown fields, abandoned back lots, and musty garages. From '57 Chevys to '73 Trans Ams, these machines are screaming to be brought back to life. To most they're just rust buckets, but to Rawlings and his crew they're a goldmine waiting to be excavated. In fact, that's their specialty: they turn rust into gold. 

This season, Aaron is fulfilling his dream of building a ‘junkyard’ Porsche, Richard manages to score four vintage Mustangs for an absolute steal, and the boys will be swapping four wheels for two with a vintage 1942 Harley-Davidson WLA ’45. Will the Gas Monkey crew be able to restore it back to its original condition? 

Richard is always looking for a quick flip -- a car that someone has undervalued, that he can turn for twice the profit, with just a little work. No matter what, be it the major project of the week, or a quick flip, the boys always make sure these cars are fast and loud.