Pablo Escobar, Colombia’s most infamous drug lord, rose from a mere cocaine dealer to running the Medellin Cartel. While he spent much of his money on luxury items, he also buried masses of cash all over Colombia and many believe a vast majority of it has never been found. With never-before-granted access and support from the Colombian government, two former intelligence officers are on the hunt for the alleged hidden treasure in Finding Escobar’s Millions 

Doug Laux and Ben Smith, former CIA operations officers who served multiple tours throughout the Middle East, use their elite skillset, along with the latest advancement in ground-penetrating radar, to hunt down the illicit profits of Escobar’s drug war and solve the mystery once and for all. Never has there been a search of this scope or magnitude. 

Working with the original DEA agents that handled the case, Doug and Ben set out to infiltrate Escobar’s inner circle, heading to some of the country’s most volatile and dangerous spots in search of the cash. Their operation uses numerous inside sources and the clues Escobar left behind to scour Columbia for the money. Will the two former operatives uncover Escobar’s fortune and secrets, or will they come up empty-handed?