First In Human S1

Near the United States capital of Washington DC, on the campus of the National Institutes of Health, sits Building 10: the largest hospital in the world devoted solely to medical research. Inside, some of the most brilliant scientific minds carry out medicine’s riskiest and most critical research, treating courageous patients that enrol in ‘First in Human’ clinical trials. 

With unprecedented access, First in Human reveals for the first time how the medical breakthroughs of tomorrow make their way out of the high-tech research laboratories and into the hands of the world’s medical professionals. 

Because the treatments they’re testing are so new and their outcomes are entirely unknown, the doctors leading trials at Building 10 can only partner with patients who have exhausted all options. This doctor-patient partnership is utterly unique to medicine: live or die, each of these brave volunteers immediately become part of medical history. Previous trials in the building led to the development of modern chemotherapy treatments, the first treatments for HIV/AIDS, and the first successful gene therapy. 

First in Human is introduced and Narrated by Emmy®-Award winning actor Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory), and represents the first time cameras have entered Building 10 to follow ‘First in Human’ patients throughout their entire trial.