Garage Rehab

Garage Rehab

Garage Rehab: Revisited

Mondays at 9:30pm AEST*

Watch your favourtie episodes from season 1 of Garage Rehab featuring exclusive facts and bonus footage. Plus join Richard, Russell, and Chris as they hit the road & surprise the rehabbed garage owners to see how they’re doing. Are they succeeding or are they back in their old ways?

*Airing in Australia only

Across America, there are failing garages that have trouble keeping their heads above water. Not because there are too few cars to be repaired, but purely because they do not have their business in order. For budding automotive entrepreneurs on the brink of failure, it might just be time for Garage Rehab. Richard Rawlings, owner of the world-famous Gas Monkey Garage is a man with a proven track record of balancing his love of all things hotrod with the rare trick of making money. Garage Rehab sees Richard and his team of mechanics head out on the road to impart some sage advice to fellow petrol heads in need.

Travelling all across the United States to visit struggling automotive and motorcycle shops that are desperate for cash and close to folding, Richard and his expert crew give each shop a 48-hour makeover, and share some tips with the owners that can help solve their problems. From cash flows which have diminished to a trickle, to unruly staff and garages that have fallen into a state of sorry disrepair, will Richard and his team be able to save these workshops from closing their doors forever?

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