The Ballard of Parker & Todd

The Ballad of Parker and Todd reimagines the compelling tale of how rival mine bosses Parker Schnabel and Todd Hoffman met, became friends, then turned bitter enemies. After many seasons of competing for the most gold, get the behind the scenes story from the miner’s themselves on what really happened. From failure to success, Parker and Todd tell the whole story – as you’ve NEVER heard it.


Parker and Todd finally tell the real story of how they went from friends to bitter enemies and do some epic trash talking in the process.


How did a 15-year-old kid in Alaska grow up to be a million-dollar gold miner? Parker Schnabel tells his side of the Gold Rush story all the way up until now.

###EPISODE 3. THE BOOK OF TODD Facing financial ruin at the height of the recession, a small business man with big dreams embarks on an adventure to find gold. The original Gold Rusher, Todd Hoffman, tells his side of the story to where it stands now.

###EPISODE 4. TALES OF PARKER The youngest mine boss tells us about his unique childhood in Alaska and tries to recall time spent doing anything other than gold mining.

###EPISODE 5. TALES OF TODD The one who started it all. Todd recounts growing up in Portland, his unexpected venture into music, and how he’s become the man he is today.

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