What does Christina Aguilera have in common with a mama bear? Find out in this Hello World! look behind the scenes.

Find out what motivates singer Dave Matthews’ passion for the environment, and why he thinks everyone should watch Hello World! in this look behind the scenes. 

Hear about Joan Jett’s surprising encounter with a camel, and why she thinks animals with a bad reputation deserve a second chance. 


After walking hundreds of miles, male polar bears battle it out for the female’s love. Even after one male is victorious, the female may still make him work a little harder to prove he’s a worthy father for her cubs.

The Best Jumper

When a Caracau Lion finally spots his prey, it’s a battle of skill as two naturally gifted animals fight to win. 

Light Up The Sky

Mothers from all different species teach their children to fly. Featuring “Light Up The Sky” by Christina Aguilera. 

Mama Always Finds A Way

Cheetahs can reach speeds of 70 miles an hour. But even more impressive is what great teachers cheetah mums are. 

Welcome To Fox U!

School is in sessions when a family of young foxes begin to enter the wild, and the key to surviving is being sly. 

The Chicken Of The Rainforest

You think that life is hard, imagine being on the menu for all rainforest predators. Here’s one little reptile who knows how to stay quick on his feet!

Mama Grizzly Bear

To feed her cubs, this grizzly bear does something very few bears are willing to try: dive for her breakfast. 

Rock Star Mustangs

Mustangs are like rock bands – long haired and rowdy. The horses in a bachelor herd prepare each other to meet the Alpha Stallion and fight for their chance to become a father. 

Air Owl Force

The Prairie Dogs are a little skeptical of their new owl neighbours, but when a predator threatens the town, it’s an owl to the rescue. 

Bonus Footage: Hungry Hawks

In this bonus scene from Steven Tyler Presents: Summer Wild, a family of ferruginous hawks enjoy a freshly caught meal. 

The Greater Prairie Chicken Dance

Male Greater Prairie Chickens must dance to impress the females, because the better the dancer, the smarter the chicken. Sometimes the males get distracted in defending their territory and the females lose interest, so maybe they aren’t that smart after all!

Toad-ally Hopping Pool Party

The “zombie of the desert”, Spadefoot Toads absorb moisture through their skin, so they use water in the desert for a different purpose… breeding.

Many Hungry Manatees

Unlike any other aquatic mammal, manatees don’t have a thick, fatty layer to protect them from the cold water.