Homestead Rescue

Over the last decade, more than two million Americans have chosen to pack up and live off the grid. But only the baddest and toughest can survive as homesteaders, and those that quite don’t fit the bill get a little bit of help from the Raney family.

In Homestead Rescue, craftsman and survival expert Marty Raney, along with his skilled son Matt and daughter Misty, travel to the most dangerous and isolated locations across the United States to help budding homesteaders become self-sufficient.

Each week, the Raneys consult with a different family of homesteading rookies to teach them how to survive and thrive in the unexpected elements of the wild.

Having lived without power, water, plumbing, and heat for decades, the Raney family impart their wisdom and expertise on the newbies and have fun doing it. Nevertheless, each rescue demands concentration and skill to ensure the family and the Raneys make it out unscathed. At the end of the day, each family face faces the ultimate test: survive in the wilderness or call it quits?