Outdoor design expert Lucas Congdon and his team at the Florida-based Lucas Lagoons create the best personal paradises in all of Florida, building next-level backyard pools. Insane Pools: Deeper Dive takes you behind-the-scenes as Lucas and his crew create backyard oases all over the United States, featuring never-before-seen footage and insider stories.

The designs the crew at Lucas Lagoons dream up for their clients are nothing short of spectacular, but these one-of-a-kind wonderlands often come with their own unique set of challenges. Is the build too much for the client; can Lucas get the builds done on time and on-budget; do threats of bad weather put the progress of the project on hold? It is up to Lucas and his entire team - a combined group of crazy, yet creative geniuses - to work together and make the dreams of their clients come true.

Facing challenges including bringing a jungle to life in a suburban backyard, and creating a Mexican resort in a residential backyard, to designing the largest grotto enclosed spa and wildest waterfall of his career, Lucas and his team work their magic to create some of the most insane pools you've ever seen!