All New Special
Sunday 27 March at 7:30pm

With exclusive access, Inside the Vatican’s Vault takes us into an event at the heart of the Catholic Church: the Canonisation of two great modernising Popes by Pope Francis. 

As this extraordinary event unfolds, the lid will be lifted on the ancient mysteries of Sainthood, telling the story of miracles past and present, visions prophetic and terrifying magical instances that billions of Catholics around the world will tell you are proof of the existence of God working through the hands of man. 

We will take you inside The Vatican to a world where ancient, unexplainable mysteries are alive and as relevant as they have ever been. Our story begins in the run-up to this unprecedented and historical event. A huge Mass in St. Peter's Square will mark the Canonisation of two previous Popes - John XXIII and John Paul II.


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