Discovery Channel is heading to the bottom of one of the world’s largest submerged sink holes in Into the Blue Hole. 

Located 74 kilometres off the coast of Belize, the Blue Hole is known around the world for its crystal-clear water and its abundance of sharks and sea life – a mystery that has fascinated locals and experts alike for hundreds of years. What is inside a 30 million-year-old, 130m deep and 300m wide sink hole?

It has never been mapped, it has never been plotted and we have no idea what lies at the bottom of it. The remote spot has only been explored once, in 1971, by ocean expert Jacques Cousteau.

Into the Blue Hole will take viewers to the bottom of the sink hole via a submersible and document the findings. The on-board exploration team will include businessman/philanthropist Sir Richard Branson; explorer Fabien Cousteau, grandson of Jacques Cousteau; and Erika Bergman, the submersible’s pilot.

Hosted by Australian marine biologist Luke Tipple and presenter Chris Jacobs the special will explore how the Blue Hole was created, how technology has evolved since Cousteau’s first mission, and will delve into the legends surrounding the unique spot. The data collected will help researchers and scientists understand how changing sea levels affected its formation and provide key information about climate change patterns.