Is O.J. Innocent? The Missing Evidence

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Sundays from 5 February at 8:30pm AEDT/NZ 

Twenty-two years ago, the images of a white Ford Bronco making its way down a Southern California freeway flashed across our television screens, captivating a curious audience around the world. But little did we know, this police chase would lead to the most highly publicised criminal trial of the century and signify the birth of a cultural obsession. 

But what if the world was too quick to convict O.J. Simpson? What if we were wrong all along? 

Dallas-based private investigator William C. Dear has spent the last two decades gathering undisputed facts and critical new evidence to build a new theory: O.J. Simpson is innocent. Teaming up with former LAPD forensic psychologist, Dr. Kris Mohandie, and Rhode Island police Sergeant Derrick Levasseur, to re-examine the O.J. Simpson case from beginning to end, this docu-series reveals compelling new information that points the finger directly at a new suspect in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. 

Narrated by Martin Sheen, Is O.J. Innocent? The Missing Evidence, presents a new theory and never before seen evidence to reveal a possible new suspect behind the case we all think we know. Double episodes premiering each Sunday.


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