Kings of the Wild

Join Kiwi Hunter Josh James and British Chef Matt Tebbutt as they take on a variety of remote locations to prove that with their unique skillsets, they can eat like kings in the most extreme conditions.

In each episode, the intrepid duo travels to a new, alien environment with the ultimate goal to prove that knowledge, passion, and a touch of desperation are the key ingredients in conquering any terrain. The two-man team is spending a week in each exotic location to prove that you can eat like a king if you know where to look and how to cook. With Josh’s extensive background in hunting and Matt’s renowned culinary and foraging skills, they are masters in their field. But will they be able to team up on an adventure unlike ever before to demonstrate that they can achieve their goal of creating restaurant-quality food in the wild? Each episode of KINGS OF THE WILD features Josh and Matt exploring some of the most incredible locations in the world while they survive on whatever food they can get their hands on – from bark porridge in Finland to wild turkey cooked barbacoa style in Mexico, this duo attacks every location head on.  

In some of the world’s toughest environments, including locations in Central America, the Nordics, Eastern Europe, and Asia, we’ll discover if together Josh and Matt possess the imagination and skill to turn a stomach-churning, barely-edible meal into a palatable dish to complete their mission and achieve victory. Together, they show how the means to survive can be found in the most unusual places, seeking food you’d never imagine eating – maybe never knew existed – and in some cases, make for a unique and delectable meal.


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