Mega Race

***Airing in Australia Only*** 

Gear up for what is set to be the race of the year as two of motoring’s heavyweights, Fast N’ Loud and Street Outlaws, go head-to-head in the ultimate showdown of speed and skills. Fast N’ Loud’s Richard Rawlings and the Gas Monkey crew have challenged Street Outlaws’ notorious Big Chief and the guys from Midwest Street Cars to a race. 

Will one of America’s finest street racers leverage his technical racing skills to emerge victorious, or will Rawlings and his crew design an indomitable vehicle and cruise their way to victory? Both sides’ talent, experience and grit will come into play when Mega Race takes over Discovery Channel and Discovery Turbo. Reputations on the line. 

After weeks of car-building, these two crews are ready to face off in what will be the biggest match up of the year, but it’s also farewell to Gas Monkey’s beloved bearded wonder, Aaron, marking his last project before making moves to go his own way. 

It’s the first ever Mega Race, and as the drivers strap up and pull to the line, they’ll be hitting the pedal hard in a bid for the top spot. Bragging rights are up for grabs, but which team will emerge victorious? In a special television event, Mega Race will be simulcast on Discovery Channel and Discovery Turbo.


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