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Thursdays from 26 January at 8:30pm AEDT/NZ

From the blistering desert of Australia to the lush green landscapes of New Zealand, big, powerful and sophisticated Megatrains haul some of the biggest cargo loads cross-country.

The north coast of Queensland is home to thousands of sugar cane fields and one of Australia’s biggest export industries, relying on the complex 100 year old railway network and its powerful locomotives to shift large quantities of sugar cane for processing and export.

On the opposite end of Australia, lies Perth, a remote city that depends on Australia’s rail network more than any other. The unrelenting workers of the Trans-Australian railway work tirelessly to keep a steady stream of goods travelling across a vast and unforgiving desert to this isolated city.

New Zealand produces one third of the world’s dairy supply and while the industry relies heavily on road transportation to move milk around, during peak season they call in the big guns: Megatrains to help transport millions of litres daily.

The series also features a Schnabel car in Alaska, France’s Long Rail Soudé (LRS) and an aqua train in Canada. A 247 operation, these trains cross countries, navigating through often dangerous and difficult terrain.