Mighty Car Mods

Aussie car enthusiasts Blair Joscelyne (aka Moog) and Marty Mulholland, the duo behind Mighty Car Mods are bringing their classic episodes to television for the first time, exclusively on Discovery Turbo.

The world's number one online DIY auto show, Mighty Car Mods demonstrates fantastic automotive projects that viewers can do themselves at home. Variety Magazine recently ranked the pair in the world's Top 12 most influential digital stars and with over 1.9 million YouTube subscribers and up to 4.2 million views per week, it's clear they have a dedicated and passionate audience.

"It doesn't matter how old you are, or where you're from, there's a universal appeal with cars, and making them faster. We love driving and modifying cars on the cheap and having loads of adventures while we do it. Over the last eight years we're thrilled to have received over 300 million views on YouTube and now we’re excited that a whole new audience will get to experience Mighty Car Mods for the first time on their TVs at home,"  said Moog.


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