New Episodes
Tuesdays from 6 November at 10:30pm AEDT / 10:15pm NZ

TV’s most extreme survival challenge, Naked and Afraid, is back and tougher than ever. 

Set around the world in the most punishing environments, survivalists have to withstand vicious predators and deadly storms… all without food, water, shelter, and clothing. 

From the storm-ravaged jungles of Nicaragua to the eye of the storm in Florida, two complete strangers must survive against the elements of the wild for 21 days. 

This season survivalists struggle through lethal hurricanes, severe injuries and infections, deadly flash-flooding, and gruelling physical and mental emergencies in locations including Guyana, Thailand, Namibia, and Belize. One pair find themselves dropped in the wildlands of Florida… and suddenly in the path of Hurricane Irma.