Ocean Warriors

New Series
Sundays from 12 November at 8:30pm AEDT/NZ 

Diving head first into a battle critical to Earth’s survival, Ocean Warriors puts the offenders in the sights of dedicated activists, scientists, and investigators who put their lives on the line to stop those who are wreaking havoc on our oceans. Impossible to control or police, the oceans that cover three fifths of the globe and border 146 countries are home to a new breed of outlaw mercenaries who threaten not just marine life but the entire planet. 

The young men and women of the Sea Shepherds chase a notorious poaching ship through the dense ice of the Antarctic Sea despite the threat of violence and hazardous waters. In Tanzania, a conservation biologist strives to save the coral reefs from blast fishing, whose explosive impact could wipe out the marine life that sustains 18 million people. In the Pacific, Greenpeace patrols the waters for illegal shark fishing. In Thailand, illegal poachers are devastating a $7 billion national fishing industry by pillaging ancestral fishing grounds. Finally, our vigilantes discover a vast human trafficking network of fishing slaves that extends from Africa to Indonesia. 

This new generation of enforcers are mobilised around the globe and ready to deal with those who run rampant across our oceans. Double episodes premiere each week.


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