Railroad Alaska

Stretching over 800 kilometres of wilderness, cutting through dense forest and plowing into thick snow, lies the Alaskan Railroad. 

Railroad Alaska follows an elite crew of brakemen, engineers, construction crews, mechanics and train drivers who tirelessly work to keep the train rolling, 365 days a year, in order to keep the critical railroad rolling through the extreme winter. With dedication, tenacity and a bit of grit, these Alaskans have truly mastered the splendour of living life on the track. 

The Alaskan Railroad is America’s last remaining full service freight and passenger railroad – remote off grid homesteaders and vacationers travel on the same tracks as military hardware, medicine, coal, food and chemicals. It’s a vital artery shuttling both cargo and people through a vast wilderness. 

With unbearable weather conditions and dangerous wildlife remaining a constant threat for the crews, flagging down the passenger train is no easy task. But when it is the only option for gathering food and fuel, these Alaskans are brave and willing. Homesteaders do whatever it takes to survive.


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