River Monsters S8

Freshwater detective, explorer, biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade has spent three decades traveling the world’s waterways in search of man-eaters that lurk beneath the surface of rivers and lakes in some of the most inhospitable locations in the world. Now, Jeremy will use his unparalleled knowledge to dive into a realm that is totally unknown to him and River Monsters viewers – the vastness of the planet’s oceans. It’s a domain with no shortage of mystery. 

Some of Jeremy’s hairiest encounters have been in Australia, where the murky waters hide beasts that are unlike anything else on earth. Going beyond the rivers to the far north of Australia, he’ll be uncovering just why the oceans here are one of the most deadly places on earth. 

In addition to travelling Down Under, Jeremy’s curiosity and passion to solve these underwater mysteries will see him travel to the Florida Keys to identify an obscure underwater assailant; to the West Indies to uncover ‘Lusca’ a monster ripping swimmers from the water’s surface; and to Mexico’s ’Sea of Cortez’ in search of an underwater assassin that is described by a survivor as ‘el diablo rojo’.



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