Rocky Mountain Railroad follows the resilient crews who battle ferocious weather and treacherous terrain to keep Canada’s critical freight and passenger trains rolling. Jump on board for an exclusive journey through the icy mountain wilderness on the Canada’s most extreme railway.

The historic Canadian Pacific Railroad is the sprawling steel ribbon that links the country from coast to coast. With a fleet of 500 locomotives and cars and an arsenal of innovative snow fighting machines, its operations are critical to Canada’s economy. Shutting down is not an option, and it’s in the coldest, frostbitten months that the network stands up as a feat of modern engineering.

The series follows the men and women tasked with keeping this iron network of 50,000 kilometres running while facing the constant threat of deadly avalanches, monster icicles, rockslides, and dangerous wildlife. The hard-working operators, guards, technicians, rail workers and maintenance personnel, all defy the extreme elements to ensure that the trains make it to their destination, rain or shine. From an avalanche that threatens to derail a $50 million load, to a perilous journey navigating century-old bridges and ice-encrusted mountains with 16,500 tonnes of coal, the hardcore crews of the Rocky Mountain Railroad will do whatever it takes to keep this critical lifeline running smoothly.