Street Science

Science guru Kevin Delaney is back for a new season of Street Science, as he trades in a quiet laboratory for crowded streets to reveal the everyday science behind rockets, explosions, and more. These experiments are so unusual, off-beat, and next level they will blow your mind.

Combining scientific method with curiosity and plain old-fashioned ingenuinity, these larger than life demos produce fire, explosions and colourful reactions as Kevin's side kick Darren Dyk catches it all with amazing slow motion footage that provides a front row seat to what the eye can't normally see.

This season Kevin and Darren are joined by rocket scientist Nick Householder who brings his expertise and top-notch build skills to the mix.

From a quirky take on the iconic human cannonball stunt and scaling walls like superheroes, to exploring the amazing science of magnetic levitation and supersizing a classic mousetrap car for humans, this is science like you've never seen it before!