Street Science

Ditch your lab coat and get ready to hit the streets with science guru Kevin Delaney as he performs experiments so unusual, offbeat and extreme that they will blow your mind! 

Combining scientific methods with curiosity and plain old-fashioned ingenuity, these larger than life demonstrations produce everything from fiery explosions to spectacularly colourful reactions. 

Some of the experiments Kevin brings to life include a manmade fire tornado and a leaf blower that’s been fashioned into a homemade hovercraft. Kevin also goes the extra mile to wow crowds with an instant nitrogen cloud, and he drops by a Tampa (Florida) hair salon to share a surprising use for its hydrogen peroxide. 

With the help of his sidekick Darren Dyk, all the magic is captured on camera, with amazing slow motion footage providing powerful insight of what the eye can’t normally see. Showing us how typical household items can be turned into a fun science experiment, Kevin brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, ‘don’t try this at home’!


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