Taking Fire

Taking Fire is the definitive collection of modern war stories as never seen before, told by the men and women of the famous 101st airborne division; an elite division of the US Army trained for air assault operations.

This series charts a year’s deployment defending one of the United States’ farthest flung outposts at the gateway to one of the deadliest places on earth: the mouth of the Taliban-held Korengal Valley in Northeast Afghanistan.

Featuring real combat footage shot on helmet cameras and handy cams, this series plunges viewers into the heart of the action, giving a visceral experience not witnessed in news reports or traditional documentary portrayals of war. Deeper still, their unmediated rushed reveal personal struggles with the dilemmas, confusions, joys, and sorrows of war.

Witness true accounts of men and women that leave the United States with the inspiration to serve their country, and return with an experience that changes their perspectives on life, their values, and their worlds forever.

As these soldiers reflect on their year in Korengal, this story is a chance for many of these brave souls to lay old ghosts to rest.


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