The Island With Bear Grylls

Ever wondered if you could survive being stranded on a desert island?

On THE ISLAND WITH BEAR GRYLLS, a group of ordinary men have done the unthinkable and willingly put themselves through one of the toughest survival shows on television. Bear puts them all to the test in order to answer the question, “Can modern man still cut it in the wild?” With only the clothes on their backs and some basic tools, they’re taken to a remote, uninhabited Pacific island, where they are left alone to fend for themselves for four weeks.

Each week, contestants will step out of their comfort zones and embarking on their individual empowering journeys. Amongst the group is a call centre worker, a hairdresser, a shepherd, and an ex-cop. The challenge begins as soon as Bear drops the men off on the island. Left to fend for themselves, they must work together to find shelter, water, and food. The castaways must also battle the island’s predators.

By the fourth week, relations are fractured and tensions run high, and island life takes its toll on everyone. Stripped of all the luxuries and conveniences of 21st century living, will they still have the spirit and resources to survive? Will they be able to summon the skills of their forefathers and find the hunter-gatherer within? And what will they learn about themselves and each other?