Treasure Quest

There’s a fresh crew and a new treasure to uncover when Treasure Quest returns. This time around, the hunters are heading to the Andes in Bolivia in search of a Jesuit treasure rumoured to be worth up to $2 billion and has claimed thousands of lives.

In the two centuries since it was hidden by the Jesuits, the Sacambaya Treasure has left all who’ve chased it either broke or dead. Now, armed with an 18th century manuscript and the most cutting-edge 21st century heavy equipment and technology, a new team of adventurers, led by Shawn Cowles, is setting out to recover the treasure from an uncharted Bolivian mountain range and former territory of the ancient Incans. Their journey takes them from the Sacambaya Valley to a Jesuit monastery as well as an underground tunnel that hasn’t been opened in thousands of years.

For this new team to be successful, they’ll have to survive landslides, booby traps, the infamous Death Road, and the Bolivian wilderness while surrounded by deadly creatures.