Treasure Quest Snake Island S2

After a death-defying expedition on Brazil’s deadly Snake Island, a group of real-life treasure hunters continue their quest for the ‘Treasure of the Trinity’, a legendary horde of Incan gold worth nearly US $400 million. 

Now, armed with advanced technology, our team of explorers follow a critical clue which takes them into the deepest recesses of the dangerous Paraguayan jungle. A historic artifact brings them closer to the treasure, but two life-threatening encounters nearly end the expedition just as it begins. 

Pushed to their emotional and physical limits, the team begins to wonder if the treasure is cursed due to its tangled and bloody history.

The Jesuits and Guarani, custodians of the original loot through the 1700s, were continuously relocating the precious riches. In order to solve crucial historical clues, the team must design ingenious contraptions, deploy state of the art treasure hunting tools, and lean on local intel.

The more they follow the ancient trail of blood, the deeper they head into the most remote and dangerous parts of South America. In this uncharted realm, their odds of tracking down the priceless treasure are greater than ever before, but their chances of surviving the quest unscathed are next to none.


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