What On Earth

Watching us from space, satellites orbit the Earth at 27,000 kilometres an hour, capturing images of our world that are both breathtaking and bizarre. Defying explanation they force the question, what on Earth is that? Using state of the art technology, satellites are able to find structures and cities lost for thousands of years.

In the new season of What on Earth? some of the mysterious anomalies explored include: a strange Stonehenge-like structure in Russia which might have links to the Nazis; a bizarre mountain in Egypt that’s pockmarked with holes, and a huge black blob in the middle of the Serengeti which is leaving destruction in its wake.

In the first episode, experts investigate a strange glowing lake in Tanzania, known as the Medusa Lake, which reportedly turns anything that touches it into stone, as well as a mysterious stone circle in Morocco which is said to be the resting place of a mythical giant. Meanwhile, a dark conspiracy could be at work in the Australian outback. Witnesses report a string of unsettling sightings - could it be alien activity?