This October embark on the ultimate journey of intergalactic exploration across the cosmos when Space Month lands on Discovery Science. Featuring a line-up that’s out of this world, this mighty mission will help satisfy your curiosity for knowledge.

This interstellar month launches with How to Build an Astronaut  which takes a first-hand look at the training to become an astronaut. UFOs: The Lost Evidence (6 October at 8:30pm) tells the chilling accounts of government officials, astronauts and astrophysicists that reveal new stories of UFO contact; Space Junk (4 October at 8:30pm) shines a light on the threat from debris floating in space; and Journey to Space (7 October at 8:30pm), narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart, gives a sweeping overview of humanity's accomplishments in space and the future. Other titles include Strange Signals from Outer Space!, Building Star Trek and How The Universe Works.

Space Month also features Above and Beyond: NASA’s Journey to Tomorrow (Sunday 28 October at 8:30pm) simulcast on Discovery Channel. This compelling film from Academy Award®-nominated and Emmy®-winning Rory Kennedy (Last Days of Vietnam), President Kennedy’s niece, looks at the remarkable accomplishments of NASA throughout history on the eve of its 60th anniversary.

**This page is for Space Month airing on Discovery Science in Australia.
For New Zealand Space Month details, visit this page.**